My first Snowflake

December 12, 2008 at 12:02 pm (snowflake) ()

The economy has not been great for the company I work for. Imaging my pleased suprise to get a little holiday bonus from work. It’s only $100, but hey, it’s still nice! Still not sure if we’ll get a bonus this year. We had a big unexpected $70,000 expense (damage) that has definitely cut into our profits, so we may not have much profit share to go around once the economy’s impact is said and done (we usually get that after our reviews and by February’s paychecks).

So this is the first test for my debt resolve. Do I go out and have a nice sushi dinner? Do I go buy myself something? Do I put it towards my upcoming computer purchase, or do I put it straight towards debt? Why debt of course!

Any unexpected income is to go 100% towards debt.  As soon as I make the transfer, I’ll update my totals!


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