Debtmaven’s Story

Debtmaven is like a lot us. She worked, had a good job, had debt, paid it off, then went back to school, got a degree. She got another job…eventually. She racked up some debt. Then some more debt. She spent money she didn’t have, and lived on credit. Over time the debt got larger.

Then one day, she realized her life wasn’t working so well. She owed a lot of money to the bank. She realized things had to change and that only she could fix it. She saw a debt lawyer and started looking at her spending habits and what she really owed. She realized it was almost $45,000. But she realized she didn’t want to do bankruptcy, and after doing a bunch of research on the internet, that it WAS possible to dig herself out of her mountain of debt.

She decided to tackle her debt payments herself. She compiled a few months of spending habits. She figured out where to cut costs and she put herself on a spending diet. She created a budget. Then in November 2008 she started this blog. She started reading a lot of other personal finance blogs. She found some great ideas and started implementing them. She decided to post her ideas so that maybe others could learn from them, and to keep herself focused on debt repayment.

She set herself a goal of 6 years, then realized that she may even be able to reach it early. She hopes to pay off everything by her birthday, in May, 2014. That’s a long time in the future, but that’s ok. She’ll get there.


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