Do you trust the people you work with?

February 11, 2012 at 7:11 am (work) ()

I’ve griped lots about my job and coworkers on this blog through the past few years. However, there is one facet that I have never really discussed – and that’s how everyone looks out for each other. We may all have issues with each other, and there may be enormously distinct cliques and favorites, but the one thing you can count on with EVERYONE I work with is honesty.

I work in a unique environment. We handle high value objects for the public, and are given immense responsibility in how we handle these objects. Part of that is going through a background check upon employment. Not a drug test (80% of the company would fail, from what I’ve surmised, even a good portion of the management), but an actual criminal, complete, full, background check. I guess that accomplishes something good – people I work with are upstanding, honest people.

Enough already, what am I talking about? Well, yesterday, I was on my way home, and got a call from a coworker. They found my wallet in the parking lot and were going to leave it on my desk. Yeah! I didn’t even know it was missing! (but it would explain that wierd bump when I pulled out that I don’t ever remember in that area of the parking lot). I don’t even have to wonder if any cash is missing. No one at work would do that. How do I know? My wallet is still at work, and I’m not overly worried. On an almost daily basis, someone will leave their wallet on the main counter in the building. Happens almost daily. Phones, personal effects, you name it. I’ve been working there over 5 years and I have never heard of a theft of personal items since I’ve been there. It just doesn’t happen. There is a sense of camraderie among many of my coworkers. It’s pretty common for Friday at the end of the day to gather in the kitchen, buy a case or so of beer, chips, snacks and hang around and decompress. One coworker has even brought in bloody mary fixings (a gallon of homemade bloody mary mix, a big selection of celery and asparagus, and of course, 3-4 liters of vodka, hey, we all seem to drink a lot 🙂 ). Hard liquor is not unknown, either (but as it’s more expensive, it’s less common than cheap beer).

So how is it where you work? Do you worry about leaving your bag unattended at your desk? Do you take your purse (if you use one) everywhere you go? Or are you blithely unconcerned about your stuff because you trust everyone you work with, like I do?


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