HELP! We Pay it Forward MLM Scam?

May 19, 2011 at 6:02 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

I need some advice from the blogosphere. My family seems to have suckered into an  “exciting” business opportunity that appears to be something that’s a multi-level marketing business? Their website is, and my dad called me and asked to speak with this guy he had in his car, that is now staying at my family’s home (from another state), and is getting everyone in my family “on his team.” All I know is 2 days ago my mom was pissed off that my stepdad was bringing this guy up from North Carolina to stay with them as a guest.

Every red flag I possess is going off.  The New York native in me is having knots in my stomach, which means I don’t think this is on the up and up. Does anyone have any experience with this program or website? I’m not a business major, and not really sure I understand it all. What do they sell, or are they just asking to loop you in so they can get joining fees and force me to get more people to join? I have to say I don’t really get the whole MLM thing. I remember hearing about AMWAY way back when, but never really understood that either. Is there an actual product to sell, or is it all ideas and you bring your own “product” with you (ie, be an entrepreneur already, THEN join the MLM to market it?). Any explanation that will make me understand better are appreciated.

So any ideas? I feel like this “entrepreneur” is taking advantage of my unemployed, depressed, PTSD stepfather, and this is now impacting my mom, sister and brother. My family is going through some really difficult family issues right now (drug dependence/probation, retirement, foreclosure, depression to name a few), and I’m 3000 miles away.

Any ideas/suggestions/assistance from the blog community? Am I rightly worried? If you’re not comfortable in commenting on this post, please please feel free to email me directly at my email: debtmaven @ This curveball was thrown at me today, with a phone call while I was at work and I’m totally at a loss. I was expecting the guy to have something to do with an intervention with a family member. A get-rich-quick scheme is not what I had in mind. What they hey!


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