Fabulous (and unexpected) news!

January 22, 2011 at 9:36 am (work)

Some amazing news to impart! I just had my review. Somehow, even with my company being in a $100K+ debt hole, I still got a raise? I had been expecting at the least no raise, and possibly a pay cut to make up some of the money. Instead, I was told that due to my hard work, keeping an eye on the bottom line, and making sure Things Got Done. I think it helped that my manager/boss moved into my office, so we sit next to each other during the day.

Apparently, he lobbied with our CEO for an increase, and not many people are getting any. So what did I get? $1/hr raise. That’s pretty awesome, and amounts to about $2,080/year (not including overtime!). I’m really surprised and very gratified.

Not sure when this will happen. Previously, it would have been the first pay period of 2011, but nothing changed on my paycheck. It may start on Feb. 1 instead. I think this year the review process is a bit lax/behind/delayed compared to years previous. Fingers crossed it happens soon!

Wierd, too, as I only got an acceptable on my review (since I didn’t do one objective and the other I couldn’t do because of significant position changes this year – I no longer manage anyone, so it was no longer applicable). Either way, I’ll take it!!!!



  1. Louise said,

    congrats on the raise! hope you see it in your paycheck soon.

  2. debtmaven said,

    Louise, me too! Well, whenever it does come, at least I already have a 2% raise now due to the change in the social security tax payroll deductions (along with everyone else)!!!

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