Should I pay for personal training?

January 12, 2011 at 9:41 pm (monthly budget, things I may buy) ()

So here’s the conundrum. I have a lot of weight to lose. I’m just starting back up at a gym. I’ve done it a lot before, so I’m not unfamiliar with what to do, but I’m having trouble putting routines together of what specifically to do.

Do I spend money to purchase personal training sessions to get me set up to do weight routines on my own? Or do I save the money? After all, I am in austerity mode.

3 sessions will cost $129 at 24 hour fitness (my gym). I have extra in the budget for a variety of categories, after my 2011 budget revision. I have $250 for whatever (making art, housey purchases, health, fees, overrun in any other category), though keep in mind that with my emergency fund currently scraping bottom at zero, anything I don’t spend in this area would go straight to filling it up. With only 1 full week into this month’s budget, I know there will be things i’ll need to spend money on during the remainder of the month (remember, my budget officially runs the 5th through the following month’s 4th, which is based on when I get paid, which starts on the 5th).

I think I know what I’m going to do, but I’m curious what other pf-minded folks would do?



  1. Bytta said,

    As health is one of my priorities, I would have no issue to throw more money in it. At the moment, my husband and I have purchased 50 sessions of personal training, doing it for 2-3 times a week. I’d been going to gym on and off in the past with insignificant result. Ever since I use the personal trainer, the result is remarkable. I’ve become stronger, toner and have more energy.

    To be honest, 3 sessions will not do much for me, especially if your goal is weight loss. The training program has to be consistent and ongoing (even just to meet the trainer for once a week). But if you are a motivated person, then 3 sessions might be ok to give you important pointers, etc but you need to carry on by yourself afterwards.

    If money is an issue, I would find a trainer who is your friend, or a friend of a friend :).
    Either way, good luck!

  2. debtmaven said,

    I think it is possible to lose weight without doing it primarily (or consistently) with a trainer. The problem is that most people don’t stay consistent and persevere without one! I hope to be one of those people. It’s hard, weighing fitness/health against financial prosperity. I’m in the red in both, currently. How to escape both at the same time, and not at the expense of one vs. the other?

    If I was more fiscally solvent, I probably would be purchasing groups of training sessions, or doing something like a cross-fit gym, I hear they are mega-expensive. I’ve become very committed to weight loss this year (and going forward), and I think this time I will do it for multiple reasons – I’m planning meals extensively, in advance and on a daily basis, I have better support (particularly from the person I live with!), and I’m focused on achieving a final goal, which before I never really had. I have plans in place for the gym and for outdoor activities throughout the year. Either way, thanks for your perspective, you’re probably right in a lot of ways!

    Any trainers in Seattle want to trade? I can offer amazing cooked meals (healthy or not, both my bf and I are amazing cooks, really) or art/photography! Ha ha.

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