Budget/spending ramblings

January 11, 2011 at 4:01 pm (bringing lunch, budget)

I’m sticking extremely well to my austerity budget. I’ve managed to bring lunch every day now, and the rest of the week continues to look good. I ran out of sandwich meat today, and didn’t have enough time to finish cooking my big pot o’ soup last night (it’s been a while since I cooked chick peas from scratch), so had to pick up some deli meat this morning, but it was the only thing that I bought! I may  have to go buy a loaf of bread later this week, but I think we’re set, food-wise, until the weekend.

We do have a trip to Costco to plan, and those are always budget busters, but I may manage to get out of there with only $40 in spending, I hope. We’re pretty well stocked up on stuff right now.

I’ve paid the first half of the month’s bills (mostly the mini-funds and rent), and it appears I have a little extra available, so I’m going to make an early payment of $200 towards the BECU credit card. Then I’ll be really tight on spending until next payday on the 20th.

I had a great overtime opportunity this morning. I had to go in to work at 4 am, so while I am quite exhausted right now, I was able to log an additional 4 hours of doubletime in addition to my normal day. Good thing too! The next paycheck will be pretty skimpy – only 10 days, and a lot of those are shortened days, since I was sick for several of them with a nasty cold (#2 if you’re counting!!! Grrrr), and then left early/came in late often since there’s not a ton to do at work! I’m extrapolating that this coming paycheck will be at least $100-$200 less than usual, even with the doubletime!!

Still haven’t eaten out yet this month, but I may break down and get something on Thursdays. While I would normally go to this really cool French café, I don’t know that I want to spend $20 on a meal by myself (and I typically do this every Thursday as I need to eat something before working at my volunteer job from 5:30 to 10). I don’t know that I can prepare 2 meals to bring to work that day, and not get totally sick of the same sandwich/apple slices/bag of nuts/kasha bar combination. And then it struck me – there’s a Subway a block away. I can both get something healthy, AND budget-friendly. Way to go diet/debtmaven! See, it all comes down to planning.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.



  1. Change said,

    I see we are both on pretty much the slim spending plan this year. I also notice that you live in the Seattle area too. I live in Edmonds, been here pretty much my whole life. I look forward to watchign your progress and see great things to come for both of us! 🙂

  2. debtmaven said,

    Change, hear hear! I think it will be a great year to overcome adversity, progress in a positive direction, and set good patterns for the future. I finally feel like I’m moving in a positive and upwards direction. It could be the endorphins from the gym, mind you, but I’m trying to stay focused, stay positive, and get things done! I’ll be keeping my eye on your journey as well! Oh, and hello neighbor!

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