Still on budget, despite temptations

January 9, 2011 at 10:23 am (budget)

Here’s my post-shopping report from the big sale at Macy’s: I only bought 2 xmas ornamens for $5, and that’s it! I went back and canvased all clothes racks, making sure to only look at them if they had signs advertising 60% off, or higher. I tried on a bunch of items, but to be honest, didn’t find anything I had to have. I did find one really awesome top, but it was $23, and I decided I can wait until it goes down more (if it does). It wasn’t cheap enough, so I did not buy it.

Then I was starving, even after having had a big smoothie for breakfast, so I found the lowest calorie item to eat, a red mango non-fat frozen yogurt, small, with strawberries. Hideously expensive, over $4. Including tax, $10 at the mall isn’t that bad. I got out without losing my shirt tails.

We went food shopping Friday and did really well – I only spent $50, and that only included 1 bottle of wine. J wanted to go to Safeway and get a 6-pack of wine to get the 10% discount (he finally realized that it was worth the extra discount to buy in bulk, and I’ve only been telling him to do that for all of 2010! So now he does it when I am not participating in the purchase or drinking of it, d’oh!). So last night after dinner, we went and I got my 16 grapefruits (they were $.59 each!!!!) to make fresh-squeezed grapefruit/orange juice (now I have to find good cheap oranges) and a few sundries for $12 and he got his $38 of alcohol. I didn’t pay for any of it, whoo hoo. How amazing. And since I didn’t contribute, I feel extra vigilant in not wanting to drink it, so I shall not (as I am in dietmaven mode).

I can spend about $75/week on groceries according to my budget. I’ve spent $62. I still want to go to QFC  – they have a sale on my favorite bars, cliff’s mojo (I get the mixed nut, and they have pretzels in them!!!!) – they are savory, salty with only a hint of sweetness. I hate the all-fruit bars, or the ones drenched in chocolate coatings. They have ’em for $1/ each, so I wanted to get a whole bundle, enough for quite a while. I may get $20 or $30 and go over the week’s budget, but it would be cheaper in the long run, to get a month’s worth all at one time.

Not bad, a few days into the new budget. I’m hyper-focused on it since it’s new and I’m in frugalista mode, so it will be interesting to see how it goes the rest of the month. Normally I’m not much of a budget-stickler, but you have to start controlled in the beginning before loosening up (experience comes with practice).

So far so good!


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