Chipping away at the debt

October 25, 2010 at 4:11 pm (credit cards, debt stats)

I just paid off the third of my remaining debts. I had to pull a little from my EF this month to keep on track, but I felt it was worthwhile to continue my momentum with J’s continued unemployment and reduced rent payments (since March!). I paid off my BECU personal loan, with an 8.9% rate. I just sent in my final $599 payment!! Now onward to my penultimate debt, a $1900 BECU bank credit card (at 6.9%). Once that is paid, which I will have done by February 2011, I will only have one last debt to plug away at.  I am really excited and energized about that.

My last debt is an SBA loan, $27,713 at 5%. It’s such a small percentage that I know I won’t have to shop around and find crazy ways to reduce my interest rates (no more reading fine print on those 0% offers!). Just the one debt, nice and easy. It will be relatively straightforward to only have one single payment to do per month. That’s it! It’s like getting a debt consolidation. I can’t wait, the end of the tunnel is in sight.

I have continued to plug in some savings in my mini-funds. I’m doing well on my gift/xmas fund, and am back to a good strength for my vehicle (now I’m just waiting for the next major blow-up). My kittens were both sick this month, so had some tests and expensive medication to pay for, so that was a wash (monthly savings = money due the vet). I bought a bunch of clothes this month too, getting ready for winter, but am keeping it pretty inexpensive.

I did get a stupid driving ticket (not using a turn signal to change lanes, how lame is that), which was totally bogus, so I am going to try to fight it in court. No payment due yet. Other than that, running things pretty lean. Spending a lot of time at home, downloading ebooks or working on the internet, so no big entertainment budget. Food as always is my largest and biggest expense, but haven’t done too many trips out to restaurants.

Yeah, I’m doing well, and I finally went under $30K of debt, I’m in the twenty nines now, and boy does that feel good!


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