Furlough over? Changes at work

April 18, 2010 at 8:50 am (work)

Since March, my employer, in an effort to reduce costs, has put my position on furlough. A co-worker who does a similar job to mine and I alternate Fridays off, for a reduced work week and basically a 10% paycut.

As of last week, however, I believe this is about to end. My co-worker has just given notice, her last day to be May 7. The positions that she and I hold are intense, can be quite fast-paced, and are rife with significant client and employee interaction. Regardless of who they get to fill that position, it will take quite a few months to get up to speed and be capable managing more than a single person’s work load, even for just a single day (and one of the slowest).

I had just gotten used to the idea of occasional days off and started to look forward to them. Just when that happens, it gets taken away from me! I’ve now lost my backup (that person was laid off early March), and the only other person that can cover for me is about to leave in 3 weeks. Not that I’m planning a vacation, but I have no idea how I’ll ever manage a vacation, when it gets to the point that I can take one. My position is a direct line of contact with clients, creating work for our employees, as well as billing – t’s not one that can be left unattended during business hours.

So March and April have been a bit of a hiccup when it comes to income reduction and my debt payoff, but it should get mostly back to normal by May. I have more information I’ll be posting about with J – he’s still unemployed, yes, but something good just happened to him that makes it less of a strain.


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