Feb 2010 Net Worth

February 28, 2010 at 7:44 am (net worth, Uncategorized) (, )

As expected, I had a huge and positive change to my net worth this month! I made a huge payment towards debt, paying off my personal line of credit in full ($1,000!), fully funding my emergency fund ($300), and paid an extra $500 towards my SBA loan. This was due primarily towards some very large paychecks this past month and receiving my tax refund.

WordPress blogs won’t allow javascripting to be displayed, so I can’t show you the chart. Instead, you can view it here.

  Feb ’10 Jan ’10 Difference
Cash $950 $580 $370
Savings $1,000 $700 $300
401K (current): $5,399 $5222 $177
401K (rolled over): $40,930 $40,147 $783
Total Assets: $48,279 $46,649 $1,630
SBA: $29,196 $29,699 ($503)
Line of Credit: $0 $1,017 ($1,017)
Citibank: $0 $0 $0
Discover: $0 $0 $0
US Bank: $5,700 $5763 ($63)
Total Liabilities: $34,896 $36,479 ($1,583)
Total Net Worth: $13,383 $10,170 $3,213

Next month will probably be pretty lean. My next paycheck is only 9 days, and of those days, I lost about 4 hours of overtime due to attending a 3-day seminar (8 hour days instead of 10). I also expect some major changes at work, with a probable reduction in my salary in response to several months of losses at work (the economy has finally come calling). I’ll be posting more when I find out more this week.


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