A creative day, cooking at home

January 16, 2010 at 7:22 pm (cooking) (, )

Nothing special happening today. J and I are spending the day unchristmasing the house (bye bye tree, thank you!), reorganizing our basement to make enough room to walk into it (we haven’t done this since moving in with all the boxes and crap we each have), cleaning up the pantry area (half of the first coat of paint is up and drying) so that we can unpack all our foods and canned goods we made last summer, and hanging out at home.

We’re finishing up making bitter orange/tangerine marmalade and will can that later tonight. Right now J is making this yummy onion balsalmic confit recipe that I found online that we are going to try and can later (we may have to break out the pressure canner for that one). We cleared out some of our garden space (removing all the big rocks we tilled up). We’re also dreaming about having an underground supper later this year, out on our outdoor back porch. J is busy planning his menu: his killer creme brulee, my infused habanero pineapple vodka, homemade ice cream (I plan on getting an expensive ice cream  maker by summer) with maybe cognac/cardamon/pepper flavor, crispy crostini baguettes with chevre/goat cheese with some kind of savory or sweet home made jam and herb sprigs, and who knows for the main course. J wants to do a french/american bistro theme. Mmmmm. I’m getting really hungry!

We stopped ourselves from going out for sushi ($50-$60 savings, easy), and are staying home being creative, listening to The Swing Years (best music all week) on our local public radio station, and planning all the yummy things we are going to cook, can, and grow.

I didn’t drive anywhere, didn’t spend any money, and am having a blast. Pierogies and carmelized onions for dinner with salad and homemade balsamic dressing. Yum. Now if only I can force myself to make scones (never have) so we can have the marmalade on them tomorrow for breakfast!

My most difficult decision – should I open a bottle of red wine or make myself a cosmo (I made my first one last weekend and have been on a tear making them almost every night since), or a dirty martini???

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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