My FICO score + get yours free!

January 14, 2010 at 11:21 am (credit) (, )

Thanks to the Dad over at Climbing Out, I found a place that offers a way to check your FICO score, for free! They offer a lot of site advertising, which is how they pay for the check. It’s nice to find a place that offers full disclosure!

Ever wonder what your credit score is? Do you get annoyed when someone checks your credit (sometimes in front of you, at a business for example), yet refuses to share that number with you? Have you tried to get your credit score from one of the 3 big reporting agencies and pay for it, only to find out it’s not an actual FICO score but some trumped up “consumer” version that is absolutely useless and based on a different numeric scale (note: yes, I did this, buyer-beware!)?

Well, fret no more! Not 100% sure how secure and safe it is, but I was too curious to stop myself.

I’ve always heard that I had excellent credit. I may have a ton of debt, but I have always paid the required minimums, if not more, and even if I am late and have late fees (in my past pre-pf blog/pre-budget days), they were never reported to the credit agencies. I have a good debt-to-income ratio, and I use a lot of debt responsibly. So I was happy to find out that my score is *794*!

I’m happy! Care to check yours? Go to creditkarma. And if anyone has any comments, positive or negative about them, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!


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