A slow news day at DebtMaven

January 5, 2010 at 1:14 pm (moving, mr. maven)

I’m having what you’d call a slow news day in the newspaper industry, so I’ll update on you on bits and pieces of my life, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW. (wow, doesn’t that make it seem ultra-exciting?!)

I’m paying the second half of my security deposits plus rent this month, so am waiting for the dust to settle: my entire first paycheck is going straight to my landlord. I have a little extra left over in my checking account, and I still have to be paid some money from J for rent. Once I get that I will have spending money for the next 2 weeks.

I paid my SBA and personal line minimum payments at the start of the month as part of December’s budget, and all of my bills are paid up as much as humanly possible, so I don’t have too much to worry about until later in the month, when the second round of bills get due. I won’t have to worry too much once I’m into February’s budget; my rent will decrease from $1540 to $895, since all deposits will have been paid by then. I can then get back to normal with debts and bills and my regular budget.

I have a piece of art to collect on one of the islands – I’ll have to take the ferry over now that the show the work was in is over. Luckily, it is already paid for, otherwise I’d probably not buy it! So that’ll be something fun to do this weekend, going over to Bainbridge Island and seeing the town (at least the portion that’s walkable from the ferry terminal!).

I have all the liquor I could drink for the next 2 weeks, and while we could use some food staples, J can buy that next time we go shopping, he owes me a little in that department.

I tried to go shopping this past weekend at Macys – I thought I’d check out their sales and I have a bunch of coupons for being in their membership program (ie, having their credit card, which I always pay in full whenever I do end up using it). I didn’t see too much I wanted, but I made J go clothes shopping. All of his pants have holes in them!!! Bigger than your fist holes in each knee. He climbs around on tyvek and racks as part of his job and it has trashed every single pair of jeans he owns. Even his carharts are wearing then!

I made him try on winter coats, since he doesn’t have anything nice and he’s about to interview for his paralegal internship next week (finally!!!! Wish him luck!). I kept pushing him to try stuff on until we found him a really nice one, a black wool pea coat (the double-breasted kind sailors always wear, or whatever they’re called). It had a sweater pull-up liner, very dashing and blue-collar looking, not too fancy, which isn’t his style, all for $78!!! Score. I made him get 2 pairs of pants, and told him I’d buy him a pair since he wasn’t going to get more than 1. He didn’t have much extra cash, so I put it on my Macy’s card and he will pay me back later.


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