2010 budget

This is the budget I work off of every month, newly updated for 2010. This assumes that my income is approximately $3100 (while it may fluctuate, this is pretty accurate).

The bills is not yet figured out – I just moved (late November) and have not  yet started receiving my regular utility bills, so not sure what this will end up being. My credit payments will change to $185 after March ($125 for the SBA and $60 for US Bank), once my Personal Line of Credit is paid off – I transferred about $1500 to it and am not yet sure what their minimum payment will be, so I made it $40 temporarily.

Anything extra in Pet, Car, Clothes, Gifts, Health, or Fun will be saved in mini-savings funds for when there are larger expenses such as vet bills, an $800 car repair, shopping at Macys for summer clothes, December’s xmas gifts, or buying that $300 ice cream maker I really really want this summer.

Category Budgetted
Food $300
Restaurant $150
Gas $110
Bills $1,200
Credit Payments $225
Pets $100
Coffee $35
Liquor $50
Entertainment $25
Photo $40
Clothes $70
Fees/Subscriptions $25
Home $50
Car $100
Xtra/Fun $115
Gifts $50
Health $100
Savings $75
Total Budget $2,745
Income $3,100*

My budget begins on the 5th of every month (the date I get my first paycheck) and ends on the 4th of the following month. For an explanation as to why, see my previous post on this issue.


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