Thankful for good quality inexpensive housing

December 29, 2009 at 9:23 am (house)

I’ve been settling in at my new (rented) house for a month now and boy am I happy to have moved! I don’t remember now why it was such an agonizing decision to move. My rent is essentially the same, and my bills are a little higher (residential rates are always much more than commercial ones), but the comfort level is orders of magnitude better! All of us, J, the kittens, and myself couldn’t be happier.

The housing market has definitely benefited us. I didn’t expect that it was possible to find a house for $900 in Seattle. If you want a liveable small house that is still affordable, I had expected it to be more along the lines of $1100-$1300. Imagine finding a place for only $895?! Our landlord did mention that she had lowered the rent somewhat. The other down side to this house is that is only a single bedroom. I doubt any couple on earth looks for a single bedroom. So that downside is our financial gain. As long as we don’t plan on having guests over regularly, kids (not anywhere in my future!), or a separate office, then we’re good. Luckily there is a complete full basement, though the entrance is outside. That gives enough room for storage, and our pseudo office where we will set up our photo printer, J’s large desktop mac, my filing stuff, and any work areas for projects.

I thought it would be more of an adjustment than it is, but it’s really quite liveable and pleasant, so I’m not missing that mythical 2nd bedroom. It could just be the mini sitting room off the back porch that we use as a reading room. We can watch the cats freak out over the squirrels inches away, the masses of birds (jays, junkos, flickers, and chickadees), and the odd neighborhood cat.

J gets to putter around and build a ginormous garden (2 or will it be 4 giant raised beds out front and a 10×20′ plot out back). He gets to design his studio/man cave downstairs in the basement, and feel like he’s sharing in the house from the beginning, rather than as an interloper in someone else’s home. The cats are in 7th heaven – they have windows on all sides of the house and get to see other critters all day long. There is a wildlife safari outside on the deck all day long. They haven’t met a racoon yet, but that will definitely be happening at some point. We have privacy, and can hear the wind in the cedar trees rather than the interstate traffice and busy roads. We are all in love.

Granted, we’ve only been here 1 month, but I can easily see myself staying here for several years. As long as the landlord doesn’t ask me to leave, so that she can live there, or so that she can sell the house (like 3 of the last 4 places I’ve lived), then I think I’ll have a nice, affordable, comfortable, perfect little place to call home during the remainder of my debt pay off. I’m also fairly certain that it will be very comfortable in summer – there are a lot of trees shading the south side of the house, and a lot of windows for cross-breezes. Plus the excessively large covered porch will make for a fabulous outdoor room/entertainment area when it’s pleasant weather.

Even better, J has been paid equal rent for the past month and is planning on paying the same in January! He is even going to be paying back some of what he owes me (only about $350). He may not be paying any of the deposits or utilities, since his salary is much lower than mine, but that’s ok, I’m happy he’s chipping in as he can, which is more than he did at the studio (our last place).

It’s a happy thought when you know you’ll have fairly inexpensive rent and a comfortable home, all in one, for many years to come.


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