Big changes to sidebar tallies

December 27, 2009 at 9:18 am (blog housekeeping) ()

My finances have been in a bit of upheaval lately, and I’ve made many changes to my debt sidebar.

This month my Discover 0% interest rate ended, so I moved the entire balance back to my personal line of credit. My Discover card now reads 100% paid off, and my line of credit debt has become more inflated. Opening this card with 0%, even with the 3% transfer fee, saved me more than $150 this year in interest charges, so I’m happy.

I had to borrow some of my emergency fund to pay for unexpected car trouble. After I cleaned out my remaining car fund, I still had about $250 extra to pay. But I will build this back up very soon, even before I pay down my debt at the end of this month.

My car fund is now zero. My gift fund is now zero. I have a lot of money to start saving up in 2010, but that will be part of my monthly budget.


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