November 2009 budget

December 8, 2009 at 6:22 pm (budget)

It’s been a long time since I posted my budget! It was a crazy month, with moving, and much less overtime than I’ve been having. Work is slow, and my paychecks reflect that. I have a few delayed expenses that won’t show up until December’s budget, some car repairs and a splurge on a $300 art piece from my very favorite artist (she had a new series of work and I just had to get myself one; sue me, art and food are my downfalls). 

Category Spent Budgetted
Food $268 $300
Restaurant $240 $150
Gas $142 $110
Bills $706 $1,200
Credit Payments $321 $400
Pets $56 $90
Coffee $58 $35
Liquor $97 $45
Entertainment $0 $25
Photo $0 $40
Clothes $128 $70
Fees/Subscriptions $16 $25
Home $0 $25
Car $12 $100
Xtra $0 $115
Total Budget $2,195 $2,880
Income $3,381
Savings -$75
Debt principal $306


I cooked less than I would have liked, but it couldn’t be helped. With moving, and being tired, and limited time, it wasn’t unexpected and I really don’t feel that bad. I actually spent less than I had expected on food and more than I should have on restaurants (I splurged on a sushi night and bought J a roll so he would go with me). There was also a memorable dinner for 4 at a local restaurant that J and I split between us (our friends helped us move , it was a bit of a thank you). I expect with the new house and the new kitchen, larger cupboard space and pantry area in the basement, that I’ll be able to decrease this a bit in the coming months. Due to moving and having things in boxes and being not 100% organized, there were days I was out of cream, couldn’t find hte coffee, or was too tired to make it. So I bought a bunch of extra drips (the cheapest thing I can find) and starbucks mega-drinks on some occasions. Again, not super concerned this particular month. 

Drove a lot moving, plus had to fill up the rental truck. That was basically an entra tank and a half of gas, which is why I’m so over. J owes me some of it, but I may not get that money back for a while (ie, I’m J’s bank of debtmaven). 

I didn’t pay rent this month on my studio, since I had paid last month’s rent when I moved in. Instead, I paid a $500 deposit to hold my new house. What I’m under this month, I’ll be over in December, when I pay $1570 instead of $900 to get the deposits partially paid. 

I had initially budgetted $400 for minimum credit card/loan payments. Since I have moved some debts to 0% interest cards, I have decreased some of that payment down to the minimums. This number may continue to fluctuate, and in February, it will adjust again as one of the interest rates increases and I shuffle some of it around. 

I unfortunately discovered St. Germain this month. At $38 a bottle, this is not an inexpensive liquor. J was supposed to go in 50% on the first, didn’t, and then I told him he had to pay for half on the second bottle if I got it and he now owes it to me (see bank of debtmaven) at a later date. I may not buy much extra in December since I’m doing so badly in this category! Or I may increase my budget to allow 1 additional item purchase a month. I guess I’m turning into a lush.

Bought some basic pants and warm layers for the winter since I needed it. Not thrift store finds since I rarely find what I need (when I’m actually looking for something specific) in my size, and due to the slim-pickings as everyone and their brother, daughter, cousin, and parents, go shopping at the same places. I did make sure to only buy things that were very good deals at Macy’s, such as their everyday values, or things that were very well marked down. Nothing top-shelf. 2 pairs of pants and 2 sweaters, $30/each averaged is pretty good! 

I should consider putting some of the moving stuff in this category, but whatever, it was unexpected and it’s not quite the same thing. Now that I’m in a new house, I expect I’ll have to get some basic things, like curtains, fabric to cover those absolutely despicable white blinds. I also have to get some baskets to put dangerous (to kitties) bathroom supplies away in – our bathroom has a large wall-to-ceiling shelf area that is open and exposed. They’ll look better than the large paper bags everything is piled into right now! 

See next month, or better yet, my recent posts on Murphy and my car, and $450 and a dead bug…Basically I underspent this month. I didn’t pay it towards debt since I’ll be using a lot of it in December to pay my extra large rent ($670 extra), a $300 sculpture I just bought, and my $450 car expenses. It will all balanced out by the end of the year, with no additional hits to debt, other than a little slowing on paying it down in the last 2 months of 2009. 

Additional comments:
I did get a bunch of cash from J – I need to deposit it into my checking account, along with my christmas fund (which has currently been kicking around as a wad of cash, which is going to change next year). A lot of the pending expenses that I’ll be hit with in December are on the evil Citibank card – which will definitely be paid in full once received. This will include my rental truck ($35 or so), and an online Christmas gift purchase ($120). Oh yeah, and all my car expenses, 2 car towes and a bunch of diagnostics and parts at the mechanic (about $450). 

I have to note that I really hate delayed expenses – I want to pay for it immediately when it occurs. I hate how things get delayed and drawn out over multiple months. I feel like it impacts how I budget and how I address expenses. I also haven’t been putting left-over (ie, unspect) money in each category into that category’s annual fund. For example, I have $31 unspent in pets – that should go towards their future vet bills and go into the kitten fund. I need to start doing that and I think January I’ll start tightening up the totals. 

I may open an account with a local credit union that allows multiple savings accounts in order to better track them all. That way I can just pull any unspent money, use the total amount, and put it aside. When I go over, the extra would come from that savings category. Hmm, that could be a really cool idea for under spending on restaurants. Yum, wouldn’t it be nice to splurge on a $150 dinner once in the year?? Ok, I just convinced myself. 

I was also proud that I was able to spend some money on debt payment this month, in the middle of all the upheaval and upcoming expenses. I’m a little behind for the month and year, but pretty close. I’ve also got to remember that I have a really nice emergency fund saved up, which was all from this year.


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