Mr. maven has agreed to budget!!

December 3, 2009 at 12:51 pm (mr. maven)

I’m so pleased! J, mr. maven, has finally agreed to start trying to budget again. If you remember way back about a year ago, he started to, but wanted to do it on his own terms. Terms that failed. Miserably. Well, this time around he is going about it differently. He previously tried doing the all cash thing. The problem came with the tracking. He just didn’t. A wad of receipts crumpled up in his pockets, slipping out of his computer bag, or just left willy-nilly all over the studio/car/work/various pants pockets, just did not cut it!

I have convinced him that even though the big evil banks will have more information about him (a fate worse than death apparently), he has agreed to pay for EVERYTHING with his debit card. This means he will be able to track his expenses for real! No more lost receipts!

He still has the excel spreadsheet budget I set him up with a year ago that he never used. And as of December 1, he is tracking all his expenses! I asked last night when he wanted to sit down and start plugging things into his spreadsheet. I asked him to pick a day of the week that he wants to do it. He is thinking about it. We even talked about it, without him ignoring the subject.

I’m so excited! He has so much he wants to do that he really needs a budget to figure it out. I hope I can keep a really positive, friendly approach to this for him to keep on it.

Here are a few of the goals/reasons he desperately needs a budget:

  • He wants to save up money in case of a kitten catastrophe (we are crazy cat people with 2 young cats)
  • He wants to purchase land and build a house and become self-sufficient.
  • He wants to complete his paralegal studies (he is soooo close) and needs to pay tuition and books for 2 classes and his internship.
  • His car is in it’s golden oldie years and needs to be retired before it dies a spectacular and gory death (I see it coming, I really do).
  • He needs to figure out if he wants to keep his boat and moorage, or find a storage area out of water to keep it long-term (and then lose moorage which is precious and difficult to come by).
  • We’ve never taken a real vacation together (he may want to go to Europe for the first time).

Wish him luck on the start of his journey! I’ll be posting updates, both good and bad, as they happen.



  1. Money Funk said,

    Very cool! ;). Keep up the great work you two! It so much fun working towards a common goal with someone special.

  2. caunksatthara said,

    I am frequently searching for recent posts in the internet about this issue. Thx.

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