Argh! Missing out on sales!

December 1, 2009 at 11:53 am (food)

I can’t stand it! There are all these big sales at the store (I’m talking food here people, not big-ticket gift shopping), I finally have room to store big bulk purchases, but we haven’t yet unpacked, and the pantry area in the basement is in the far back corner on the other size of the great wall that is our boxed possessions! Plus we need to put in some ceiling panels to keep it all contained and then just spruce up a tad.

Once this is done I’ll be able to splurge and get those really really cheap sales on pasta, canned pumpkin, sparkling water cases, and of course, all the canned goods we’ve been making. Plus all the other yummy things I hadn’t considered, like our own infused liquor (can’t wait to try making a pineapple and habenero infused vodka).

Argh! It’s painful to pass the supermarket sales up, but I must.

Can’t wait to unpack and settle in…


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