Moving cost results (not so bad!)

November 30, 2009 at 10:14 pm (moving)

My miserable 4-days of moving is now over (it got extended onto the 5th day – tonight was our final day). I didn’t get to eat any turkey, and spent a ton of time exhausted, foot-sore, achy and anxious. But we’re now done! The rental truck got returned at 1 am on Sunday night. Now comes the month of unpacking boxes and rearranging all the crap we have in storage in the basement (J is a bit of a packrat, and we both have a lot of art).

One of the expenses I didn’t quite figure in was the cost of food. When you’re exhausted and tired and don’t wnat to deal with shopping, prepping, cooking and then cleaning up on TOP of moving, you’ll find yourself doing the normally unthinkable: eating fast food, doing takeout, or getting quick-to-prepare frozen foods. My budget is slightly blown (but not too bad), and I just don’t care.

I ate Burger King twice (blech, ick, how I despise fast food), Pagliacci pizza (yum!!!) once + a six-pack of beer, a friend in the building gave us some snackies and liquor one night, and we ate out one night at a local neighborhood restaurant with our two friends who helped move one day and ended up buying their dinner ($50 for me). Tonight we were recovering and decided to d fish and chips. Luckily J paid, plus a bottle of wine too!

I haven’t spent much time on the internet lately, so I haven’t updated my budget in a while. However, I still think I’m doing ok for the month. I even think I’ve planned well enough to handle the extra deposits I’ll have to make the next two months – I should still be able to continue my debt payments, if slightly reduced.

Truck rental: $35 (includes taxes and fees for 4.5 days)
Rental truck gas fill-up: $36 (half tank)
My vehicle gas (most of a tank): $30
Moving gear (ropes, dollies, packing blankets, foam, extra boxes): free, borrowed from work!

And now that I’m in an actual house with an actual yard, I will be having the mother of all yard sales this summer! I need to get rid of my stuff! I can’t wait to sell some of it and make some money.

Happy gift-season everyone, remember to stay on budget! Be strong and resist temptation!


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