Thanksgiving is Cancelled!

November 23, 2009 at 12:16 pm (moving)

We decided to forego Thanksgiving this year, primarily so we can move over the 4-day weekend. Also, a close friend is working on Thanksgiving, so J wanted to move it to another night anyway. If that happens, then it would just be the 3 of us for a nice big dinner and not the typical feast with all the fixin’s. I’ll let J figure out the when.

I have to say that the big Thanksgiving meal is one of my absolute favorites. I love getting together, drinking, talking, cooking, eating, eating and eating some more. BUT! Since moving is such a big ordeal, and I’m also happy to be focused on debt paying, I’m not that unhappy this particular year.

I’m glad we’ll be saving all that extra money on not buying food (and alcohol!), and I’m also glad we have the extra 2 days off from work to accommodate moving in such a slow, leisurely fashion. I’ll miss the big meal, but I’ll make it up with a homemade pumpkin pie, a nice bottle of wine, and maybe a chicken and stuffing for dinner sometimes afterwards. Maybe I’ll do it on laundry night next week, since I will no longer have to make a 2.5 hour trek to the coin-operated laundry mat anymore!

Plus, I might be getting the house keys tonight (early)! Yeah! Can’t wait to start moving!!!


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