Financial check-in & moving expenses

November 19, 2009 at 10:27 am (budget, moving) (, , )

I’ve been taking a solid look at my moving expenses in moving from an industrial art studio to a small house. The rents will be virtually the same (the house is $5 cheaper), but there will be additional deposits, the bills will be getting larger for utilities. I’d been avoiding the idea of moving (even though I’ve desperately wanted to for some time) because I expected it would be much more expensive. However, it turns out there’s not as big a difference as I thought, and on top of that, I’m doing much better than I expected in planning for the additional fees and deposits.

I know there are typically lots of extra expenses when it comes to moving, but they’ll be pretty limited in my case. Luckily I can get a rental truck for 4 days for $25 and no mileage (vendor family discount associated with where I work). I can get all the packing materials I could ever want, including ginormous cardboard boxes to move lots of smaller crap that I don’t want to pack, plus all of my artwork (between J and I we probably have 70-80 framed works plus 20 huge empty frames. I can get all the soft packing blankets, bags of scrap foam to pack fragile things, extra boxes, straps and ropes to tie-up in the truck for free from work (and I don’t have to dispose of them afterwards, I can just return them)!

The only real expense beyond the truck rental is for gas. I’ll obviously be doing a bit more driving back and forth to load/unload. I expect it will be about a full tank, say $30.

Now we come to the extra housing fees and deposits. I have to pony up the last month’s rent, plus $750 in deposits ($250 cleaning, $250 damage, and $250 pet). Since my current rent’s last month was already paid when I moved in (first and last being due), the money I didn’t spend on rent this month will transfer over to the new place’s last month rent. In reality, I only have to come up with $750 in deposits and a $40 credit check, split over 2 months. That’s only $395 extra for the next 2 months. I’m going to try and be extra fugal, stick closely to my budget, and if needed, cut into my emergency fund to pay for it.

I’m trying extra hard not to miss my regular extra debt payments (the ones that pay off the principal), since I already missed 2 months earlier this year and am behind. I’m trying to pay an extra $400 in November and December (beyond the minimums) regardless of the extra deposits I have to shell out. It will definitely be a challenge – I don’t expect to have large paychecks between now and the end of the year, and my overtime opportunities will be very slim.

This new house is the same rent, so theoretically it shouldn’t be more expensive to live there. However, there are changes going from a studio space in a commercial area (rates are cheaper than residential) that are split up with other tenants. Here are the changes:

Studio | House

Electric: $20 | much more I’m sure, $40-60?
Water/sewage/garbage: $15 | unknown, maybe $40?
Oil: $40-$80 | probably closer to $100
Cable: $0 (unavailable) | $50/month (average)

So my bills will go up a bit, I expect them to be a total of $150-$200/month, probably an increase of $50-$100 from my current amount. Not a huge shift, so I’m less concerned than I thought I would be. If J can meet his increased rent that he has agreed to honor, that should more than cover the increase. So all in all, I’m probably not going to be paying any more money than I had been paying, and may actually save a little, once I pay the deposits (all except $175 for carpet cleaning to be refunded). A lot of it hinges on J and his spending/savings/income.

Whew! I feel better. Now if only I didn’t have to pack and schlep all our crap across town!


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