Gardening benefits to come

November 14, 2009 at 5:15 pm (garden) (, , )

Can’t wait to move! I’m already planning to build a compost bin in the yard. Something with nice slats all the way around in a box shape, to compost and turn over. We can get all the scrap lumber imaginable from work, so it won’t cost anything. Possibly 2 bins, so I can rotate it and allow some of it to decompose nicely for gardening this summer. We’ve checked the online seed catalogs, and have already planned some of our purchases. We’ll be focusing mainly on heirloom seed varieties. I’m looking forward to a real honest herb garden. Seattle is absolutely perfect for rosemary, and chives usually winter over well. Sage can also get very large, but I don’t use that very often. 

I’m planning on leeks, onions, salad galore, fava beans in the fall, nasturtium flowers (they make the greatest addition to salads), and J wants to do everything else under the sun: tomatoes, cukes, green beans, carrots, lots and lots of potatoes, garlic, melon, pumpkin, squash. I’ve been devouring a bunch of canning blogs and seeing all the luscious stuff that you can can and make, sweet and savory both! J already has a ton of canning supplies and recently bought a pressure canner for the low-acid foods.

There’s a full-size fridge at the new place (our current one is 3/4 size and we definitely notice!). However, J may want to get an extra freezer for all the stuff he wants to make. Right now, we’re limited, so there’s a lot of times we don’t cook as much as we otherwise would. I’ve been wanting to make pasta for ages, ravioli particularly. Mmmm, my mouth waters thinking about butternut squash, sage, shiitake filling, with a brown butter sauce. I also haven’t made homemade pizza in ages.

So again, can’t wait to stop throwing out all our food scraps and can’t wait to start making food from our garden! Having it directly in the backyard rather than a 5 minute drive away (as in our p-patch neighborhood shared garden space), will make me use the salads much more often. I mean, just walk outside to grab what you need?! Fantastic!


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