I’m moving!

November 8, 2009 at 8:30 am (Uncategorized)

Argh, just when I’m getting back in control, when all my finances are being beat into submission, I up and decide to move! I’ll be moving into a new house Thanksgiving weekend, and having all those extra deposits to pay. That’ll mean putting off some debt payments and/or dipping into my EF savings for a little while.

My current living situation is a bit unique. I live (illegally) in an artist studio. More than half of everyone else in the building does too, and it’s not a big deal, but there are some related items that make it a challenge. The space is largely unheated (the heat is in one room, since a prior tenant built a wall around it to make a bedroom space, which resulted in 75% of the area being unheated (and it was in the upper 40s most of last winter). There are no laundry facilities, and I have to drive 15 minutes to get to a coin laundry (the washer/dryer got removed the week after I moved in). But the biggest detractor is the amount of homeless people that walk by the studio in front of our windows, every day. With the economic changes, the number of people that walk by has increased immeasurably. There is a big encampment up above that they all live in, in a large greenbelt to the side of the big interstate, which they access by walking by and then up a path just down the train tracks from the studio. There are a lot of men, and lately, a lot more younger men, latinos, white, you name it. It’s getting so that we’re worried to have the windows open. A girl in the building next door just told us that someone tried to break into her space, and one of the homeless people killed another within 1/4 mile of us. So we want out. I look at craigslist every so ofte, and when I did so last Wednesday evening, one place looked promising. J looked at it Thurs morning and it was great! Well, good enough anyway. We just got approved yesterday and I gave my current landlord notice.

The house we’ll be renting is the same price. It just has a lot less space. And it’s missing the 14′ ceilings. and the cool art neighbors. And the big open wide space for the cats to run around in. But it actually has a yard, a really really huge one, and we can have a ginormous garden (4’x75′) plus there is a basement for all of J’s stuff (which are quite volumous, he’s a bit of a packrat), a washer dryer, a larger kitchen, heat, and a really nice neighborhood in an area that I’ve been desperate to move back into.

So now I have to pony up:
First and Last month rent ($1800)
$250 damage deposit
$250 cleaning deposit ($175 is non-refundable for carpet cleaning, and it’s an ugly hunter-green carpet)
$250 pet deposit

My current place I had no deposit (after all, the walls are not structural and they don’t care what kind of build-out or demolition you do whatsoever). I only paid first and last month rent. SO the new first/last month rent is just like paying rent. I didn’t pay this month’s rent – that will become the new place’s “last” month rent. The triple $250 is what I have to figure out how to pay. That will probably mean no debt payments next month and some dipping into the EF. A temporary loss for a large gain.

One of the best things about the building I’m in now is that because it’s a commercial space, the utilities are very cheap. My $20/month in electric, my $60-$80 in gas heating (only in the winter), and my $15 garbage will be significantly increased I’m sure. Plus I’ll be getting internet. It’s been so many years since I’ve had to have it I’m not even sure who offers it and how expensive it is! It will definitely be nice to have access to it again. Again, since I’m in a commercial area, no dsl, no cable. Clearwire we tried, but the location we are in the building didn’t give us a good signal, so it was a waste of a year’s commitment (rarely useable).

J has agreed to pay more rent, which is nice. I hope he can afford it. He has no savings, he hasn’t paid off his credit card (it only has a small balance, under $1K), and he refuses to budget or talk about money. It’s his big trigger point. I’ve assumed that all the deposits will be paid by me, since he doesn’t have the money. I’ve also ensured that if he can’t pay rent, I can afford it. That’s why we’re in a tiny house. If I could count on him paying more, then I would have gone for the next step up in houses (larger, enough room, a second floor maybe), but I’d rather suffer a small space to continue keeping my rent manageable. I don’t want to overextend on housing and slow down my debt payments.



  1. Money Funk said,

    Your last part of the blog caught my attention. J has no savings, hasn’t paid off his cc <$1K, and won't talk about dinero or a budget???? And you write about money. Case of the one sider. And I hope you don't take me too direct. But why should it be up to you to pay the full deposits and other stuff? Why should it be you who covers the rent unpaid? J lives with you. As an adult sharing a space shouldn't it be mutual support? I am sorry, I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds, but it irks me to hear you talk like that when you are taking financial responsibility for yourself.


    I wish you the best in your new house. Planting a big garden will be nice. I would love to have fresh veggies again. They taste so much better! Now I just need to figure out how to keep the cats out of the garden (they overtook it for a litter box – darn it). Have fun setting up your art space in your new house. Glad to hear you are moving in a safer situation. 🙂

  2. debtmaven said,

    Money Funk: Yes, it’s an issue with J. It’s been an ongoing struggle, and there’s definitely a disconnect between our views on money. Both talking about it, planning, budgetting, goals for the future, as well as current spending habits. To be completely honest, this may be a gulf that is insurmountable between us.

    Currently, sadly, I look at it as at least i’m getting something rather than being a single person paying the rent by myself. But he owes me money currently (he’s behind on 2 months rent, which is less than it will be at the new place for him).

    It’s a long, complicated process. Yes, I do give him more leeway than he should have. but what can I do? I will probably post something about this in the near future. It’s a big complicated, difficult subject and it’s complicated by the fact that we work together in the same small company.

    Anyway, looking forward to the coming garden, and pleasant (and safer!) neighborhood!

  3. Money Funk said,

    *sigh* Debt Maven, for your health, well being, and happiness I really do hope that you find a common ground that benefits both you and J. More for your sake since you are taking it all on. 😉

    *cheers* to a happy move, big backyard for the kitties, and to gardening in the spring!

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