Update on the past week’s frugality (ie, GOOD)

November 5, 2009 at 12:46 pm (Being Frugal) (, )

So here’s an update on my frugal performance for the past 8.5 days, since finding out I had almost no money left in my checking account, and after overzealously paying bills and debt. I hadn’t realized I’d be in this pickle, so didn’t have certain items stocked up and still had to do 2 quick food purchases. I made an effort to spend as little as possible, to use as much out of my larder and fridge as possible, and to definitely NOT eat out. Not even once. How’d I do? Pretty darn good:

Food: $57
Liquor: $13.95 (my one vice, and I was out and didn’t feel like waiting)
Gas: $38 (which absolutely could not be avoided)
Coffee/snacks: $7.53
Total: $116.48

I also spent money on a new pair of shoes that I had already planned on purchasing. I just happened to pay for it directly out of my checking account. My clothes fund is completely depleted. I did not spend as wisely as I had hoped (but I was at no point totally frivolous either!). I just need to be better prepared. I should definitely be socking away money for clothes/shoes more than I had been. I will be doing a much better job on this starting in January. I don’t really expect to buy any more clothes between now and the end of the year. It’s also unrealistic to expect to find the quality and sizes that I need at a thrift store. They don’t have clothes my size very much, and in addition, the selection these days SUCKS.

The only frivolous thing I bought was a $4 coffee so that I could sit at an internet café and use the internet for several hours on Saturday (not required, I could have gone to a library or something for free), and then I didn’t plan for hunger, and had to get something late afternoon at Barnes & Noble (a $3.53 stuffed pretzel), since I had missed lunch and couldn’t stand waiting until I got home. I need to plan better and bring a hunk of bread and cheese, some nuts, a piece of fruit, or something! I used to buy various fruit/nut bars, but haven’t in quite some time (at $1.50 a pop, that’s rather expensive).

Not bad! It should also be noted that the money I spent on food, while a lot, was for 2 people. I bought food for both myself and J, since he couldn’t (he was in dire financial straights as well this past week).  It primarily went towards a pot roast, at about $4 a serving (we got 5 servings out of it) plus a bottle of wine (hey it was a Sunday!); and then I just bought a chicken and a bunch of veggies. We had the most amazing homemade pot pies from the roasted chicken, which amounts to 4 large servings (the single best reason everyone should have puff pastry in the freezer).  Plus we still have half the bird left for other things. That’s 6 servings out of a whole $6 (on sale) free-range chicken. Whoops, again, I bought a bottle of wine to go with it.

I should also be praised for not once going out to eat this whole week and to exist completely out of cooked leftovers and scrounged food (all completely filling and delicious).

Now I have to go deposit my paycheck and pay back my borrowed savings! I also have to fill my truck back up with gas, buy a lot of kitty supplies (they are out of kibble, wet food, and litter), and of course, stock up on some food items this weekend (have plenty to last until the weekend). Here’s to a more frugal future!


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