Net Worth: In the black (at least)

November 4, 2009 at 10:42 am (net worth)

This is my first net worth calculation! I don’t own a home. I have a lot of debt. But I invested a sizeable amount (with an excellent match by my employer) in my 401K when I was in my 20s. When all is calculated, I come out with a positive number. Not very high, it’s only 4 digits, but it’s a start, and it will continue to grow as the economy improves, as I pay off my debt, and increase my savings. I expect I’ll see growth into the 5 digits by March of 2010.

So here are the numbers (and excuse the boring plain text – I’ll get a pretty & colorful table by the time I do my next posting):

Cash $700
Savings $849
401K (current) $4520
401K (rolled over) $39,392
Net Assets: $45,569

SBA: $27860
Line of Credit: $304
Citibank: $0
Discover: $4065
US Bank: $6014
Net Liabilities: $38,243

Total Net Worth: $7,218


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