November 3, 2009 at 9:43 am (Being Frugal) ()

What personality type are you: do you use freebies the moment you get them, or do you save them for a rainy day? I tend to be more of the latter type. As part of my being more frugal while my funds are low, I have been avoiding purchasing small things unless I dearly need to. Yesterday I ran out of cream, so couldn’t and didn’t make coffee at home. When I got to work, I felt the lack like a big empty hole inside. Something was missing! Oh yes, my caffeine addiction! My pseudo-breakfast!

I was all set to just go and buy a coffee at the place down the street, which I have been oh, so good about avoiding in the last 2 weeks. But then I remembered I had a free coffee waiting to be used! I have been saving up their coffee stamp card until I really needed it, and today was the day. I got a luscious white chocolate mocha. Yum. Totally delectable and totally free. Am I ever so glad I waited to use it.

That was yesterday, and today I’m drinking office coffee (not as good, but also free). I think I may have some more free coffee cards stashed at home. I probably also have a free CD coming my way from Easy Street Records that I haven’t cashed in. There are definitely some albums I am interested in getting. Hmmm, what else can I cash in this week, which seems all about making do with what you’ve already got.


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