Frugality slipping with the cold

November 1, 2009 at 12:14 pm (Being Frugal, overspending)

It’s cold, it’s Sunday, and I’ve got a hankering for pot roast tonight. I’m still doing really well eating food in the fridge/freezer/cupboards, but there definitely needs to be some surplus to make everything stretch ’til Nov. 6. I think I’ll go splurge for today and then make do on the rest of the week until Friday, when Thursday’s paycheck clears. I have had such a craving for 4-hour, slow-cooked pot roast, in the last several weeks and I haven’t yet managed to indulge. So I’m off to go buy the roast, some veggies, an inexpensive bottle of red, and then dinner and 2 days of leftovers will follow!

Oh, and I finally went out and bought new shoes, and all the warm clothes I need to make it through the winter. The thrift stores haven’t been providing, and I rarely find good quality, wearable clothes I can wear to work. So I overindulged and overspent on my budget, but limited myself to 2 pair of cheap, sale pants (about $28 and $34), two second layers (one $35 after mailer discount, and $22). I now have enough clothes to not wear the same things in the same week!

Plus, I also bought  dansko shoes, $130. Those are never on sale. But then I get my money’s worth. My current pair has the sole completely cracked through (you can look inside and see how it’s built!), and there’s a big fat hole where my big toe is on the other one (it’s sad, but I made do with it all last winter, but I’m now ready to upgrade). If the new pair lasts anything like the others, they’ll last me 3 years of wearing them every day in the winter (once sandal season is over). I usually wear my clothes into the ground, so as long as they are comfortable, relatively flattering (ie, they don’t look bad), then it’s a good investment. I just read on another blog that a trick to buying clothes is to try them on without looking. If they *feel* good, then go ahead and open your eyes and see if you like the way they look. I tried it and it worked pretty well! There was none of that temptation to get something even if it is ill-fitting (though cute). 

I also couldn’t stand the thought of going into the thriftstore yesterday when it was Halloween. I think it is their busiest shopping day! I couldn’t handle the crush.

So my efforts to not spend ANY money were a bit unrealistic. I have stuck to things I needed to and was going to get anyway, so I don’t feel that bad. I was hoping to push the spending to next month’s budget, but most of it is on a my Macy’s credit card (which I always always pay in full), so it won’t hit until the November budget. I am going to be careful to not spend much at the store on food. Here’s what I’m planning on getting. Let’s see what I end up buying when I get back:

3 lb chuck roast
4 red potatoes
2 onions
1 bottle red wine ($5-7 range)
lime juice

I do have to say that it’s not that hard being frugal if you have a semi-well stocked pantry. I made chocolate chip cookies last night (my alternte was apricot thumprint cookies, but i’ll probably make that this week with our canned apricot jam from this summer) with split pea soup (the only thing we had to buy was carrots which I’ll also use for the roast tonight). Breakfast this morning was cardamon french toast (we’re now out of eggs and running low on sandwich bread), and scrambled eggs with goat cheese and scallions.  Doesn’t sound that frugal, does it?! I just have to say, if you’re gonna be cutting back, there’s nothing like splurging on a dessert when you normally don’t to make you feel like something special!

Update: I did good! I bought almost everything on my list and nothing else! Total bill: $27. Mmm, only 2 hours to go ’til dinner is ready. I’ll toast (with the red wine I just got) to that!


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