Gotta get serious again

May 3, 2009 at 9:22 am (budget, spending habits)

I think I’m getting lazy and resting on my laurels a little too much lately. I’ve recently posted about a bunch of big purchases ($200-$600) that I’ve needed; those I don’t regret purchasing. But I’ve noticed that I’ve been easing off the debt/budget bandwagon and spending more than I ought to. I haven’t been getting serious about prepping food in advance for when I need meals outside of home. I’ve been splurging too much at restaurants. I’m buying more stuff than I need when I go to the grocery store.

My budget for the past 2 months definitely reflect that. I’m over, not a ton, but enough where it impacts how much extra I put towards debt, probably about $100 or so. A comment on a recent post about being ok taking 5 years to pay off my debt chided me for not needing quite that long, and ya know, they’re right!

If I think about every day, no, I didn’t have to buy that $4.75 (tip included) mocha when I got up late and didn’t have time to make coffee at home – I could have sucked up the semi-bad (but free) drip coffee at work and dealt with it. No, I didn’t have to go pick up a fast food burger and fry. I could have had something small, carried it with me, gone to my photo lab assistance gig and come home at 9:30 and had a late dinner.

I’ve got to tighten up my minor spending habits – I’m doing ok on the bigger stuff, but the small stuff, yes, I need to sweat it more than I do! I think this is going to be my biggest hurdle in following a budget – I don’t really. I use it as a rule of thumb and then oh well, I’m over this month. That has to change. It will be hard, and I guarantee you’ll be reading more about this in the future.



  1. Midwest Chick said,

    I agree the small things are the hardest to control. They add up so quick. The convience of the items sometimes make them justifiable at the time, but then you kick yourself later when you’re paying bils and don’t have as much extra money for savings or debt. Good luck!

  2. Money Funk said,

    It really is hard to stay on track all the time. I think Springtime in general makes it difficult to stay on budget because when the sun shines we want to stretch our limbs.

    At least you have a goal, are aware of the small stuff, and plan to do what you can to get back on track. You’re much farther than most people in the world. 🙂

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