Emergency fund: milestone reached!

April 20, 2009 at 12:27 pm (emergency fund)

Today I hit the $1,000 emergency fund milestone! I now have a sizeable stash of cash in the bank available for last minute emergencies. I can stop contributing $100 per month for the fund and can instead send that towards paying down my debt!! Whoo hoo!

This month will also see me reach past the 50% paid off amount on my personal line of credit – by the time of my next paycheck on May 5, I will have more unused credit available on my personal loan than what I owe. That will be a nice side to be on!

My job continues to be extremely secure (really, no chance of that changing unless the company goes under, and that is highly highly improbably, we’re definitely head, shoulders, and waist, possibly even knees, above water even in this economy). At this time, I have no plans to save up a 3-6 month EF in case of job loss or illness.


1 Comment

  1. ambercouric said,

    Congrats on this milestone. This is sometimes one of the hardest to reach.

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