Second art show scheduled!

March 13, 2009 at 4:43 pm (goals, selling art) (, )

Craigslist is always a crapshoot, but occasionally it does work out finding venues to show art. I just connected with a local boutique book store that loves my work and wants to show it this fall. Yeah! That’s two venues for the year so far. I’m halfway to my goal of 4 shows for 2009. I’m not counting my group show at a satellite location of the company I work for, since I don’t really expect it to be successful or have a large influx of people walking through (though they are proven art lovers). We’ll see.

My current show is up, and looks quite good. There are 9 pieces up, and I’ve gotten quite a few responses from friends that have stopped by to see it (it is in a prominent business with fabulous gourmet coffee in downtown seattle, and it’s NOT a Starbucks!). I don’t know if anything will sell; my work isn’t cheap, and everything up is in a limited edition, so it may be too steep for this economy. Again, we’ll see.

This is exciting! Now that the sun is finally peeking out here in Seattle I’m feeling more inclined to go out and shoot; I haven’t taken a photo in like 5 months. Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain both days this weekend. Boo! Maybe I’ll finally get over the time change that has been sucking my soul away getting up in the dark every morning.


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