$1000 free on BoA credit card & blog updates!!!

February 27, 2009 at 6:39 pm (credit cards)

You will not believe this story. I haven’t heard anything like it yet. I was chatting with the small coffee shop owner down the street from where I work today about business, money, the economy, and credit cards (we were talking about AmEx mostly). He mentioned that he has $3,000 on a bank of america credit card. They told him that if he paid off $2000, they would clear the card. In other words, pay $2K and they will eat $1K. I guess they just want some money right now, very very badly. Is it the Merril Lynch purchase?

Egads, I wish *my* bank would do that for me!!!!!!!

Now, let me mention that I was there dropping off post cards for my upcoming art show next week. I haven’t been buying coffee at all anywhere lately, but I couldn’t go in, drop off some post cards for my upcoming art show without at least buying a coffee, so I did. I am still under my coffee budget this month; I’ve been doing quite well and am proud of myself (the eating out budget however, is a much different story, grr).

Sorry for the lack of posts lately; I haven’t been much inspired and I no longer have internet access at home (the router that we were borrowing had its password changed).

I did recently pay $400 towards my debt – I couldn’t help it that I couldn’t wait until my March 5th paycheck. I already knew I’d have enough. I still have an extra $800 leftover too. Debt stats are updated, and my EF is chugging along. Hopefully more to say tomorrow. I have to unexpectedly go in to work for 4 hours of overtime on Saturday, which will give me some internet time to catch up.

Don’t you all wish you had BoA debts right now???? Anyone else with a similar story?


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  1. Money Funk said,

    BofA must be hurting cuz they were sending me mass mailing for 0% APR on balance transfers! I wish they would tell me that on my balance. Of course, my balance is much smaller with that account. But none the less, I will be keeping an eye out in my mailbox. 🙂

    And your upcoming art show… fantastic. Would love to see a peek of your work. I hope you have a great show!

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