Upcoming art show expenses

February 19, 2009 at 8:37 pm (budget, selling art) (, )

My big upcoming coffee house March art show is coming up soon. There are three pieces that I don’t yet have framed in one of the photo series I’ll be showing, so I have to do some reframing. Do you have any idea how expensive professional picture framing is???? Very. It can cost up to $150 per piece. I have shopped around and can purchase works from discount places and wholesalers, and artist supply houses, or I can get them from our company’s frame shop. There is an employee discount, but it is still quite expensive.

I’ve decided to get the materials through work anyway, even if it is as much or just slightly more than some other locations. I’m doing this for a few reasons. First, I won’t have to drive all over town to pick things up. I can get them in 1 location. Then, I still have to assemble them myself (luckily I know how), but they have all the materials I need – a large working space, clean area, hardware for hanging, etc. Plus, I have one framed duplicate work that I can then open, and swap the art in, and refit it without any additional expense; it’ll at least save me framing 1 piece.  I’ll have to hinge the mat and the backing together, hinge-mount the photo to the mat, fit, assemble, and seal the piece, then put in the D-rings and wire on the back.

The total damage will be $199. The best part of it all is that I can pay over time since it’s through work (we’re a small company so I can get away with this). I have a $50 photo budget per month, so this way I can use Jan and Feb’s saved mini-payments and then pay the rest in the next few months and not have interest or have to use credit.

I think I can get away with using some prints I have in my portfolio – I have one of every print in the same size (14×14 inch), so I shouldn’t have to pay to reprint them.

There is one more fee – I’m splitting the printing costs for the 500 postcards with the business showing my work. My half will be $55. I should be able to pick them up this weekend. Last chance! While I keep an anonymous profile on this site, anyone that emails me at debtmaven at live dot com with your address, I will mail you a postcard. (It’ll be quite pretty, colorful, tasteful, and not offensive in any way. I promise).

It should be a good show. I haven’t shown this work in this part of Seattle and it’s in the midst of Seattle’s big first thursday art walk (the professional gallery walk location for downtown). They are always packed, a lot of professionals downtown go through there. There is a 30% commission, but oh well, sometimes that can’t be avoided.

I’ll probably have to buy some black foam core and some heavy paper for printing my artist statement; miscellaneous expenses: $10. Total cost: $199 + $55 + $10 = $264. Luckily the other 12 are already framed!

Now I just have to start work on a new series I have in mind. I will be part of 2-person employee show at our frame shop in May, which is coming up fast!


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