Supermarket Score!

February 11, 2009 at 4:50 pm (groceries) (, )

We have a local chain of markets, Thriftway, that have a weekly special. I’ve just gotten in the habit of once a week, since they have a location close to work, going over for lunch to pick something up (cheap or to supplement my brought lunches). I check out their circular, which comes out on Wednesday. I go through and buy the mega-cheap items (there’s usually only 2-4 that I really want and that are a worthwhile deal).

Today they had progresso soup cans for $1.50 each (instead of $3.29 normally). Score! My bf and I bought like 40 cans. He may go back and buy more. He’s trying to stockpile enough non-perishable food for a year. At that price, it’s great for lunches at work, economical and easy to bring in a pinch!

Oh, and in light of my previous post on overspending on indulgences, if I don’t go there to “buy lunch”, they are also adjacent to my bank, so at least once every two weeks I have to go and deposit my paycheck (alas, no direct deposit available), so there’s another excuse to go shopping.

Last week was 2 lbs of frozen shrip for $7. This week I also got good bread, 3 for $5 (2 are going into the freezer tonight), and very cheap Barilla pasta (half price). I think I now have a large supply of pasta for a very long time. I just wish I could get good angel-hair (that’s my fav).


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