Still spending on small indulgences

February 10, 2009 at 5:17 pm (spending habits)

Last week I did amazing. I brought lunch to work every single day. I also made coffee every morning before going to work, and didn’t buy any extra cups or snacks once. This week I’m not doing badly, but I got tired and instead of scrounging late at night for dinner, we elected to go out for a cheap meal (meaning I didn’t get a drink) which also doubled as lunch today.

Today was super cold, and a coworker asked me if I wanted to walk and get coffee down the street, so I went and bought a hot chocolate, which I didn’t need and didn’t even finish. $3 with tip. And right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop to use the internet for a few hours with the bf who is studying for his legal paper assignment. I am mega hungry and bought a day-old croissant and tea (the cheapest things I could find). $4 with tip.

Oh well, while I’m not rabidly spending, and while I try to minimize what I do spend, I still need to reign in the small indulgences. There’s just something about going to a coffee house, sitting for several hours, reading blogs and email, and using the free wi-fi. At least I carpooled this morning, so I saved on gas for a change (my bf and I work at the same place, though we have slightly different hours).



  1. brainy said,

    Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day…

    Before long, nearly every week will be “amazing”!

    And not to go overboard with the idioms but don’t sweat the small stuff either. Sure it adds up — but it rarely adds up to much.

  2. Miss M said,

    I’ve been spending more lately too, must be something in the air. My new co-worker asked me out to lunch yesterday, of course I had brown bagged it so I begged off til today. I can tell we’re polar opposites on spending, so I don’t want to get too chummy. She was telling me how her kitchen doesn’t have so much as salt and pepper let alone pots and pans, plates or anything. I asked about how she exercises her horse in the rain and she said, oh the trainers take care of that. Yeah, different social strata I fear!

  3. lulugal11 said,

    Penny by penny is how you win. Just remember to get back on the wagon each time you fall off and everyone makes mistakes.

    Maybe you could put part of your budget as ‘fun’ money to account for those lapses.

  4. debtmaven said,

    @Brainy: so true! I’m not sweating the small stuff, but still trying to keep vigilant! It’s a battle. My restaurant spending has been creeping up so much I don’t have room for a nice meal out. I’m frittering it away on snacks and things when I’m out and about. I am making headway though, thanks!

    @Miss M: Totally understand. For me, my co-workers all go out drinking, which I’m not that into (not regularly and not to that degree). I just have to get in the habit of saying no to that extra coffee; which I’ve done very very well with this week. Good luck with it yourself.

    @lulugal11: Thanks, good idea, but I know me. If I give myself that leeway to spend more, I’ll just spend it frivolously. I think I’m ok with my current method, of if I go over, it comes out of my leftover unspent budget, which should go into my mini-funds for later spending. That way, if I go over at least there’s a little dissatisfaction in spending it when I could have saved, and that helps rein in the desires. I do have an entertainmnet budget, but I mostly consider that things like movie tickets, or buying a book (No no! Must use the library!!). We’ll see how it develops.

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