The piggy bank collection

February 8, 2009 at 4:25 pm (Saving Money, Uncategorized)

I’ve decided to make saving more fun. I’ve collected some piggybanks to have on my dresser to keep my mini-fund savings. I elected to not put it savings for various categories into one big savings account. Sure, I could make some money in 2-4% APRs out there, but I elected to do something fun and physical rather than theoretical with my money. And might I say how much delight it gave me to stuff $100 in my car piggy, $50 in my gift piggy (he has antlers, he’s a christmas pig), $50 in my kitty piggy (I still have to find a cat piggy bank for the pet fund: unexpected vet bills and the like), and $40 in my photo piggy (his name is Ralph, he’s tall, red, and very distinguished for a pig, and I bought him intending to use in a photo project I’m working on, so now he does double duty).

It definitely gave me a visceral thrill to fold and push into a slot, rather than type in some numbers, hit a button on my computer and have the money magically move from virtual home #1 to virtual home #2.


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