Scheduled my first art show of the year

January 31, 2009 at 8:19 pm (goals, selling art) (, )

I’m that much closer to meeting one of my goals for the year: I’ve just set my first art show for 2009, and possibly a second. I’ll have a show at a fairly upscale coffeehouse in March. It’ll be part of the downtown Seattle’s first thursday art walk. They’ll be making up postcards for the show, and it will run for 1 month. It gets a lot of foot traffic, my best friend works immediatley next door, and they have an opening for the show. Have I mentioned that they get a LOT of business?

I’m going to have to get 2 works professionally framed, which will be expensive, about $225-$250 plus some money for the prints (luckily I do them myself and can defray a lot of that expense with my work trade at the lab where I do my printing). I have all the other works they were interested in already framed, but there are 2 that weren’t, so I have to buck up and do that. I don’t mind – I had wanted more work framed for the particular series of work that I’ll be showing. I guess I shouldn’t feel that bad – one of the works that I have to frame I had sold the previous framed version of.

The upfront costs are always high (the bad part of photography – it always needs to be framed), but in the end, it’s easy to do shows with finished works. I currently have 27 framed works to show, that’s a few thousand in professional framing, not to mention the money I’ve spent on making the prints. Once done, it’s easily recycled from show to show.

The second bad thing is that they charge a 30% commission; not unexpected, but sometimes there isn’t any (which is always preferable). At least they make up postcards for the show, which I’ll be splitting the costs on; I believe they cost about $50/500 cards. Great to have and then I can use it for promo material later on with the leftovers.

If anyone is interested in bright, bold, well-composed fine art photography, send me your address to debtmaven at live dot come and I’ll mail you a postcard!

I may also have a second show the same month at a frameshop in downtown Seattle – it’s a division of the company I work for, and they started doing employee art shows last year. I think my boyfriend and I will be doing a group show (don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but we work together and we both do photography). I may try and push this to April. Doing 2 shows back to back the same month is a little much. I am trying to do new work for this show, so I better get my butt in gear and start scanning photos and printing!

It’s going to be an expensive photo month, so, wish me financial good luck all!


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  1. Miss M said,

    Congratulations on the show, unfortunately a lot of art requires money to create. Mr M is an artist but he works building sets. I told him he needs a rich patron so he could devote himself to art! I have an old friend with a degree in fine art, she works as an animator and paints on the side. She has at least one show a month and sells a few paintings a year now, I’m really proud of her. Good luck, I hope the show goes well.

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