Overtime chances have increased

January 28, 2009 at 9:55 pm (work) ()

I’m at work now, and it’s 10:45 pm. My job is 8 to 5, normally. I’m in working a 4 hour overtime (partly doubletime) job again! I think I’m the only person that has opening/closing powers for the building that likes to come in during the middle of the night and make extra money.

Our company has recently made some changes in security (we’re a secure facility, and the more secure we are the better clients we get and the better our insurance rates get). Specifically, they are going to reduce the number of people that have access after hours. The pool of people who can do this has now shrunk, which means I have a greater chance of getting these late overtime jobs when they happen.

Good news, though I am going to be tired tomorrow!


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