Rant: appreciating having a job

January 24, 2009 at 10:01 am (work)

I just have to rant a little here about a few of the people I work with. I manage crews for jobs going out to various clients (which change daily). There are a few people who, while I really enjoy them on a personal level, sometimes drive me insane with the amount they complain on the job, incessantly, about the jobs they go on, tasks they have to do back at work, the clients I send them to, you name it. I can’t stand it! I mean, don’t they understand how lucky they are to even HAVE a job in today’s economy? For one of them, do they even remember how bad it was in the food industry (where this one person spent a very long time employed at)? To complain to the degree they do, man, it gets tiresome.

I mean come on! Do they really think that I (as their manager) don’t notice how they complain non-stop about the jobs they get sent on? Do they really think they can pick and choose which jobs to get sent on?

I told one person, when he started whining about not wanting to go on one job, and that it had an early start, that his option was to go, or his other option was to stay home and take the day off.  I think in the future, when I get complaints, then I’ll just tell them “you’re right, don’t come in. Stay home tomorrow.” There are plenty of other people I can give the work to.

There are certainly days when we don’t have work for all crew (we are client dependant at least for my department). The way things are going, with so many businesses failing, layoffs happening (it has happened to many of our largest clients!), and the expected continuance of bad news throughout the coming year, I wish they would shut up, stop whining, buck up and just do their darn jobs! Don’t you think I remember their attitudes when I have to choose who gets work, and at the end of the year, who gets raises?



  1. Debtfree2009 said,

    My husband had the same problem at work. People complaining about having to take a few days of unpaid leave as opposed to losing their jobs. The people complaining the most were the bottom of the totem pole people who would be gone first.

  2. debtmaven said,

    Funny how that works. I don’t know if the bottom of the totem pole thing has anything to do with age or maturity, I have a suspicion that it does!

    I feel for you both and your situation! It’s a tough situation to have to deal with pay cuts, and I know you’re trying to pay your debt off too!

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