A budget doesn’t automatically mean restrictions

January 18, 2009 at 12:59 pm (budget)

I’m by no means a budget pro. I’ve only had one for 3 months. Sure, I still struggle with keeping my food spending down, but I’ve found that budgetting can be a positive experience. The idea of a budget is to keep your spending habits within reason, and to be aware of finding cheaper alternatives whenever possible. However, I’m also finding that it’s ok to spend money, when you need to.

I remember BB (before budget) feeling that even the idea of going out and spending money could be a negative experience – sometimes guilt and fear about whether or not I should, or if I could, and if I had enough for it, or if, oh well, there goes making a debt payment this month.

Things like getting a haircut ($45-60, plus tip), or getting something dressy needed for a big event or holiday, or even buying undergarments (something I will never buy used, thank you very much, even though they are hideously expensive for the amount of material involved). There are regular expenses we all have that BB, somehow happened out of the blue, unexpectedly, with negative consequences.

By having a budget, I feel like I actually have freedom to go out and purchase something when I need it – it’s in the budget, I can afford it, and it’s ok to get it, even if the world won’t end if you don’t have it. There’s a sense of freedom in that, rather than restriction.


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