Lunches for the week (1/16)

January 16, 2009 at 7:37 pm (bringing lunch) (, , , )

Well, I did amazing last week (took lunch to work all 5 days). This week I had the best of intentions. I already knew that Wednesday I would eat out – I spent the day away from the office with crew on a job, so I sortof had to eat out.

I brought leftovers from dinner one day, and for 2 days I suffered with peanut butter on toast with banana or apple slices on it, a piece of fruit, that kind of thing. I’m starting to get tired of it unfortunately. I worked super late on 3 days (~12 hours or so, including going home in between hours on 2 of those days), so was super tired this week. I think making mega-overtime makes up for being thrifty on dinner, so I am ok with getting thai take-0ut Friday. I needed easy, as well as comfort food. Pad Kee Mao, yum.

I do realize that I probably need to keep a few extra snacks around the office though. I got tired of the sugary aspect of the peanut butter. If I get some cup o’ soups (the packages from Lipton) or some cups of ramen, that might help. I should probably make sure I take cheese and nuts as snacks too. So lesson learned. I have to make sure I have some snacks ready in the fridge on Sunday so the rest of the week it’s easy to prep some snakes for the skimpy/scrounging days when I didn’t have time or energy to cook a big dinner.

We did make a big huge pot of french onion soup. I wanted to take it to work, but realized that I didn’t really have anything to transport soup in. I have a metal stacking pail, but I wouldn’t trust liquid in it. I got rid of tupperware style containers a long time ago (don’t want plastic seeping into my food). So the soup is still at home, and has been dinner a few nights this week. It might be dinner whenI get home tonight.

I also need to stock up on a few cheap frozen meals – I tried a few Budget Gourmet meals. They are pretty tasteless. If I have some parm to sprinkle on top that should help. I’ll keep an eye out for big sales on frozen meals. Normally they are totally not worth it – they are $3.30 or more for something that is only half a meal or just a snack.

This coming week I may buy some cold cuts from the grocery store on Monday to have sandwiches a few times during the week. That should give me a break from pnut butter (maybe I’ll leave that for the carrot sticks).

Whew, looking soooooo much forward to sleeping in tomorrow! Get some sleep all!


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