Unexpected overtime

January 14, 2009 at 10:06 pm (overtime)

This is going to be a fabulous paycheck on the 20th! I had 4 hours of overtime last week (2 as overtime, 2 as doubletime since it went past midnight). Yesterday I had to stay late unexpectly to fill in for someone on vacation, and put in 12 hours (had to come back at 10 pm to let crew in the building). Right now I’m at work again, and it’s on the way to midnight. Another 4 hour job, with 2 hours OT and 2 hours DT. *rubbing hands with glee*

This will make up for the abysmal check that was the end of last year (4 missed days!). Plus, my raise will kick in, pro-rated to the first of the year. I can’t wait to pay pay pay off my debt!

Even more exciting, I activated my new 0% Discover card and used it to transfer $4,800 from my line of credit. It hasn’t officially happened yet, but it should be official by next week.


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  1. ambercouric said,

    A little extra in the paycheck is always nice.

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