2009 Goals (art & financial)

January 1, 2009 at 12:35 pm (goals) (, , , , )

I’m not much into setting new year’s resolutions – I don’t think they really work. However, I’ve compiled some goals for my financial progress in 2009. I don’t consider these resolutions so much as things I’ve been working towards and plan on continuing to do. You’ll notice a lot of them are art based. I can sell art and make a profit, if I push it!

Pay down my personal line of credit to below $7,000. This will soon have about $5,000 moved over to a new 0% discover card, but in my head the personal loan will be comprised of the loan itself (whatever amount remains in that account) PLUS the discover card balance. Discover has informed me that if I don’t make purchases on the card, they are going to set the payments at 4%, which will be $2,00 that I will have to pay each month, but at least it will be on a balance that doesn’t acrue interest!!

Schedule at least 4 art shows for 2009. In order to get my work seen, and to sell more, I have to be more visible. I’ve already had a nibble for a March show, and I’ve gotten responses from 3 others that liked my work and are adding me to their art file. Time for round two of the email solicitations. I’m going to give it another week before I follow-up on the emails I previously sent out, due to all the holidays/snow closures. I’m sure a lot of people have been on holiday, or not dealing with day-to-day business.

Submit more work to the local museum’s rental and sales gallery. Unfortunately, they aren’t looking for new art, since their storage areas are full, but I am going to keep trying, monthly, and call and see if that’s changing. I  may just send something in unsolicited in 2 months anyway. I’m already part of their stable of artists, so they may at least look even if they aren’t actively seeking more work.

Review art submissions regularly. I was really spotty on this in the past year or two. I’d look every so often, but not follow-up with the calls for arts nationally that had really good jurors (people that had excellent galleries or were the curators for a major museum). Can’t continue to grow, or get into shows or collections unless I push the envelope. I hate having to pay $25-40 for a submission, but gotta get my work seen!

Build my mailing list. I have to be a lot more agressive than I have been. I only have about 70 people on my list, and a lot of those are friends and family. Not only that, but I have to religiously contact everyone everytime I have an event. Often I wait until the evening before, which is usually too late to get much of a response.

Save a $1K Emergency Fund. I think I’ll have this met by March. I am starting to really think about getting it up to $2500. But that’s a decision for later. I’m going to deposit savings as much as I can stand until I get the $1,000, and then I may slow down and pay less per month but keep building it up higher (maybe $100/month?).

Snowflake $1200 for the year. $100/month? I think I can handle that. I’ve already found a bunch of things in storage that I can try and sell. Most of this will be from ebay/craigslist sales or from selling art.

Oh, and since this blog is about 2 months old, I’d also like to increase how many visitors I get. Stop by, say hi! Do you have a PF or frugality blog? Tell me who you are and maybe we can swap blog links.



  1. do good said,

    Good luck with the goals – they are much more likely to be achieved than resolutions. Just keep doing those baby steps and eventually you’ll get there.

  2. money funk said,

    Glad to have found a new blog for reading.

    Persistance is key. And you seem to know that is what its going to take to make the world see your art. 🙂
    In regards to your mailing list, do have everyone set up thru email? You might want to create a distribution list with everyone in it. That way when you want to let everyone know about a show you just enter one address into the email address bar and hit “send’. Makes life a lot easier. Maybe even set up a simple website to announce/link your upcoming shows.

    Well I wish you the best in your goals. Happy New Year!

  3. debtmaven said,

    do good: thanks! All those good wishes and support help! Best of luck with your blog endeavor – I’ll make sure to leave some comments.

    money funk: Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice to have more readers, especially since I’m so new to the blogsphere.

    I have an email list. The problem is, I haven’t been very good about notifying people with it when I have events, and definitely not in advance. I also haven’t been good about getting more people on it. I do have my portfolio website up (and have for several years), with news and email signup. I just have to be more consistent with it. Thanks for the support – I’ll have to spend some time reading your blog when I get a chance.

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