Raise, Bonus, and Available Overtime

December 30, 2008 at 11:53 am (paycheck) (, , , )

Whew, snow days are finally over! Back to normal schedule at work, except for 1 more major holiday this week: New Year’s!

I’ve been lucky enough to become a manager at work this past summer (which included a big raise). I close my building at work once a week, and due to another new manager, I took over for him and closed twice a week for extra OT. That usually gave me about 4-5 hours of OT every week, with as much as 11 hours on occasion (if a job went late and crew didn’t return until 7 or so).

I just found out that starting January 1st, I’m not going to be doing that closing twice a week any longer, so I’ll be loosing 1 day of OT a week.

Outside of the economic woes (which has impacted us), we had some major reparations we had to pay out to vendors and clients. My department was really close to making plan, but due to missing 3+ days due to snow closures, we have officially not done as expected. This means my department (and I) will not be getting bonuses. We were *so* close! Others will, but not mine. Bummer. It wouldn’t have been very much, but it would have been nice, between $800-$1500 I think.

Finally, raises are coming up. I won’t know until I have my performance review, but I am pretty hopeful that I’ll get a $.50/hr raise. Luckily, I’m able to look at my department and allocate raises to people, so I know the general ballpark of what people are getting, and thus can make a comparison to myself. That’s only about $500 a year (not including overtime), but hey! Anything is gravy. Not expecting to  increase my standard of living or anything, but nice! At least I hope I get one.. we’ll see.


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  1. ambercouric said,

    Bummer losing the overtime but the raise will be nice. My husband is having to take unpaid leave so people won’t lose jobs. Any raise in this economy is great. Congrats.

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