December Results

December 26, 2008 at 4:58 pm (budget, emergency fund)

I finally got my paycheck deposited and caught up on keeping tally of my expenses. I looked to be in good shape this month, with a 1 very low initial paycheck and a 2nd very large (due to mega-overtime) check. I’m just going to squeak by on meeting my food expenses, and I’m under in every other category, though I did go over significantly for coffee (I blame snow days, being housebound and getting stir crazy). I didn’t budget for gifts, so that will be a new item to add for future months.

I had $116 in snowflakes.

I just paid $500 towards my Personal Line of Credit principal. I’ve decided to focus entirely on paying down this debt – it has the highest rate of anything I owe. The SBA is low enough that I will pay the minimum only – which is simply the interest only. They do not require payment on the principal, which lets me pay even more towards the higher percentage Personal Line which is at 10%.

This month saw me have a big expected expense, my laptop. I’ll have to pay that off next month, when it hits my citibank statement. I may not be able to make any extra Personal Line payments next month, and if I don’t have enough to cover the laptop payment, then I’ll dip into my EF to pay the full balance.

I’ve also decided to put $255 towards my emergency fund, which will bring the balance up to $500! This will put me halfway there!

Totals are now updated on the right side of the page, and I’ll post a budget spreadsheet after the end of the month.

How many of you are saving or budgetting, and how did you fare this month with the economy and holiday shopping?


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