New Computer, No Work, More Snow

December 22, 2008 at 10:37 am (spending habits)

Beware of shopping! My neighbor has helped me show for a new laptop, giving me some insights on some other brands besides Dell (my original) that would work, and for cheaper! I found a few good ones, then bf dragged me to office depot 3 days ago and they had a great deal on a better version. I had them put it on hold, went home to comparison shop and check reviews, and found it even cheaper online! The store said they’d extend me the same price, so I got a brand new Toshiba Satellite L355 wide-screen laptop for $580+tax. That’s a bunch cheaper than the $900 I expected to pay.

I put the whole thing on my credit card, but I can pay it off this month I think if I dip into my EF a little (after all, I was planning on this purchase and I’d rather not have the credit card rate apply). So I’m happily playing on my new computer, putting it through its paces. I’ll try and load the various software that I have and see if I can still use it, or if I have to buck up and buy software. For right now i’ll do without. At least I now having a working CD drive (and I can even burn DVDs now, hoorah!).

The bad news is that we had even MORE snow this weekend, and work is closed yet again (3rd day running). I have almost no vacation left to make this up. It will be a really bad paycheck in early January. Will have to make sure I’m really really lean on my budget.

I haven’t driven anywhere since Thursday, other than a mile down the street and back, maximum. I have been going to cofffee shops to use the internet, which means $4 a visit for the last few days, but I get a little stir crazy being stuck in 1 room (the only one with heat) at my studio, no bf (he’s housesitting and stuck elsewhere), and no netflix videos to watch, I ran out of my library books and can’t make it to a branch (there are lots of hills on the way there). Add no internet, and you’ve got one bored chicklet!

One of the few upsides – I haven’t bought much food. I’ve been going through what’s at home, other than a last-minute trip to costco (they are just down the street). I’m a bit behind on keeping up with my budget, but all of my expenses have been minimal, though I would love to stop for food for lunch since they’ll be warm, unlike my 30-40 degree kitchen.

One bright spot – my manager went in to work to get client names and numbers to call to cancel work. We got paid on Friday but no one could make it in. Today he called and offered to take paychecks around town for everyone. So he stopped outside my building (I’m on his way home) to give me mine! Yeah!!! I already brought it to the bank, they were closed, probably because of the weather, and I have a big bill due tomorrow.


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  1. Dalton said,

    Oh!! Wow!! You got really nice laptop… I like your choice!!

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