The Paycheck News Just Gets Worse

December 19, 2008 at 9:04 am (paycheck) (, , )

Well, I’m here to report snow day #2. Seattle just isn’t use to snow and with the temp in the twenties and the 4 or so inches of snow and ice on every side street, I’m not going anywhere. J is housesitting over in West Seattle and managed to come over today but I was solo yesterday because the bridge was closed and it was too dangerous to drive. 

So my next paycheck is going to be abysmally small, unless I use my last 2  vacation days to pump it up. Even my 1 hour overtime and 3 hours of doubletime on Monday at midnight won’t help too much. And they are predicting a big snow storm again this weekend.

On top of that, today is payday. The company I work for doesn’t have direct deposit (I’m not entirely sure why), and I can’t get my check today. So my funds are super low and it’s the last weekend before christmas. I hope I don’t have to dip into savings or use the credit card for groceries/gifts! One further black mark for this coming paycheck: Due to some not understood arcane payrole reasoning, our pay period will end on 12/30 and the last day of the month (and year) will be applied to NEXT year’s first pay period. So I’ll miss 2 days and be short a day. Lovely.

Stay warm everyone!


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