No Heat! Goal progress!

December 17, 2008 at 4:31 pm (selling art) (, )

Our heat stopped working on Sunday. It’s below freezing. I had to stay home from work today so that the gas tech could come, somewhere “between 8 AM and midnight.” Ugh, a 16-hour window?!?! So I used this as an opportunity to get rolling on one of my 2009 goals: selling art by having shows.

The past few days I’ve been making a list of the places around town that I’d like to show work. I wrote my submission letter and spent today figuring out who to send it to, and calling to find out the submission process if it wasn’t listed on the website.

I’ve sent several out so far, and I’ll keep track on a spreadsheet for their responses or lack thereof. That way, I’ll have an idea if it went into a black hole, or if they nibbled, or they never want to hear from me again. I know artists can frequently not have their s$!t together, so just reminding people that I’m available to show can often be all the opportunity I need (what? Can you do it this weekend? Our scheduled artist bailed!).

I spent the day keeping warm at a local coffee shop that has free internet, while I was waiting. And I cleaned the house (visitors always make me clean!). And the heat now works and I’ve been luxuriating in my nose being warm and being able to take off my hat indoors!

Stay warm!


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