Need to Rein in the Spending

December 13, 2008 at 2:56 pm (budget) (, , )

This will warn me from feeling cocky about my spending/saving! After feeling like I’ve been doing so well and basically patting myself on the back, I realized that I need to be a little more aware of spending less.

Last weekend I shopped and got lots of groceries, but in an effort to save it, a lot of the meat went into the freezer. That means it wasn’t available for dinner when I needed it. Also, I didn’t really account for extras for lunches at work the next day. So I’ve done a bunch fo scrounging, leaving me feeling deprived (which leads to the desire to go out) and also bought lunches at the local supermarket several times, which while not expensive, aren’t budget either. Budget gourmet frozen meals are not all that scrumptious, so I won’t be getting those again.

Actually, I haven’t been doing so bad, but I’m a little high on my grocery spending (more than half and it’s less than halfway through the month). Plus, I have to remember that I’ll have higher grocery expenses due to xmas celebrating (not extravagant, but the bf is talking about having a big dungeoness meal, which I’m not terribly keen on).

And I knew I would have to work super late on Friday (yeah overtime!), so I had Thai for lunch at $9, which I thought would last longer than scrounging. And then it didn’t go as late as I expected, ended a few hours earlier, and so I was super hungry while stores were still open, and decided I wanted a steak. But that meant stopping by Costco, and while not super expensive, it’s quantity, and I spent $64 for steaks, mushrooms, salad, cheese, and wine. But damn, did it make a fantastic meal! J (the bf) cooked up some rib-eye steaks with carmelized onion and mushrooms in a red-wine, maple-syrup sauce (trust me it was divine), and potato parmesian gratins on the side. We never made the salad. And there’s plenty left for another big meal. I haven’t had a good steak in 2-3 months.

A close friend’s birthday is this week and she wants to go out to this nice french bistro we love downtown (we went there today for a leisurely breakfast of brunch, then window shopping, and then coffee and internet).  So that will be most of my restaurant budget for the month, I’ll probably end up spending $60-70 on my half! Looks like I’ll max out the food budget this month, and then some, but otherwise, I haven’t been splurging on anything. I guess I won’t be having sushi for another month.

Luckily, I have been cutting down on the alcohol consumption, and I haven’t been shopping at all beyond groceries, so the temptation to buy anything hasn’t been there.

Lesson? Stay focused! Now on to planning meals for the next week…


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